Fix Xbox 360 RROD

So Xbox 360 is not working, warranty still stands. Sure I decided to give it to warranty service. After I gave it there, I thougt it wouldn’t be big problem to get xbox fixed soon. But, I was wrong. It was 2nd week after time I gave Xbox to fix. Long time to fix quite simple problem, but it wasn’t the end of this. I was asked to pay 100$ for fixing. It isn’t fair enough, but this problem as later service man explained, isn’t included in warranty terms. So I constrained to pay. However, after two weeks Xbox 360 came back to home. My brother was really happy, I was happy too.

Few weeks ago I came back to home and my little brother barraged me that I didn’t fixed his Xbox. I asked why he thinks so and he explained that the Xbox is not working again. I felt screwed and imediatly jumped in my car and drove directly to that service. I explained them that I got the same error again and want that they will fix it for free. They told me all situation (older Xbox get this error very often and it is manufacturer fault in console’s structure) and sure I didn’t get Xbox fixed for free and I didn’t want to pay 100$ again. So I started searches of how to fix this error my self. Thank you big G, I was successful and got very good source. Sure I need to pay around 30$ , but I think it was worth. I fixed Xbox in few minutes and did it again when Ring of Death showed again. I don’t need to worry about this issue anymore and everytime I am sure that if ring of death show again I don’t need to give xbox someone and pay a lot of money of simple problem fixing.

If you get this error to and want to learn from my mistakes (deliver it to service) as well as safe your time and money, be smart and use my advice.

I share my found with You, click on link here. It is very simple to use and everything is explained as for “home user”.

Good luck!

Basic Nintendo Layout

Nintendo has always had a special place in the hearts of youngsters & adults alike for their gaming hardware. Until quite recently Nintendo still was one of the highest selling handheld gaming platforms

In this article we will see some of the basic hardware specifications of the gaming console.  Since many are quite familiar with the Ninetendo DS, we will not go into depth for the older models but stick to the newer ones only. Nintendo DS was released in 2004 & its lite version was released two years later. The original DS nicknamed ‘DS Phat’ did not have the brighter screens, was a bit chunkier & slightly heavy too. The later version DS Lite was a little faster & had clearer & brighter screens. Further down the line Nintendo released a revamped version DSi which had a mightier processor & higher amount of RAM. A little over two years ago Nintendo released DSi XL. This one had a larger 4.2” Screen. Apart from the screen size the DSi & DSi XL share many similarities. They both have Front & Rear Cameras which the DS lite does not have. Both possess external expansion slots in the form of a SD card slot. Most importantly both have much better battery capacity with the DSi clocking about 8-10 hours & DSi XL at 10-12 hours of gameplay at average brightness.



All the Nintendo DSs have had a Gameboy Advance (GBA) slot.

This slot is commonly referred to as SLOT-2 on a Gameboy. However since DSi Lite, this slot has been removed from the hardware. Why was this slot important?

These slots used to hold cartridges that were legacy & supported older games. However, homebrew developers used these cards to extend the functionality of the gaming console. Any gaming console has content developed by the content providers. Such cards are non-re-programmable. They are also known as Flashcards. Since Nintendo introduced another slot, these older GBA cards came to be known as 1st Gen cards & the newer cards that fit into the newer slot called DS Game Card Slot came to be known as SLOT-2 cards.

It is imperative that one first understands the terminology of the cards. Though Nintendo intends that you use only approved cards, there were many varieties of cards available that got more than what was officially permitted.

First generation cards included  GBA flash cartridges, GBAMP CF, SuperCard, and M3. These were, needless to say older & of poor configuration. Additionally firmware updates from Nintendo regularly blocked out access to such cards. However, the final blow to the older generation cards came when Nintendo simply stopped adding GBA or SLOT-1 to the newer generation Nintendo DSi & DSi XL.

In the subsequent articles we will see what these cards are & how you can extend the functionality of your Nintendo DSi & DSi XL.



Playstation 3 Light Fix

Are you now so anxious, regarding an occurrence of problem on your PS3? There is actually a latest opening in PS3 help guide in the market recently, the PS3 lights Fix. Eventually, Rob Sheffield, the creator, has specializes on this particular field. Professionally equipped with all knowledge, he made out of what he knows an easy-to-use repair guide that proposes numerous interesting features of a Play Station. However, it assures you of a gradual method on how to trouble shoot usual problem occurrences of PS3. They are often, yellow light of death, red screen error, and all the other uncommon error, like the 80711008 code.

PS3 Help eventually contains on how to handle the most fantastic qualities of PS3 lights Fix:

1. High quality video coaching is fully detailed. Particularly, on any PS3 error problem or code where you just repair it all by yourself.

2. Dangerous fixes will never happen to your console. It will not jeopardize the whole system of you PS3 since it includes the process of the product. Contradicting, from other PS3 guides wherein they are much similar than the Russian roulette game in your console.

3. You can actually receive some updates and assistance from your distinctive PS3 help on members of your location.

4. With the Click Bank, you can be assured of the 60-day money back guarantee. This company manages the download payment of this digital PS3 help repair guide eBook. So far, they have been the most reliable names in online industry. Eventually, members can benefit from their high quality of security and its safety despite the type of method you actually opted.

5. During the final repair of your process, you can still preserve everything in your hard drive data. This certainly is an advantage to the user. Even Sony cannot offer this amenity, since they charged as high as $ 150 just to fix your PS3.

I am quite amaze, of PS3 Lights Fix. It is so far, the most beneficial creation among other competitive products of the same level. After having been tried and exposed of various selections of similar kind. The best alternative of repairing an error of your console, the yellow light death, red skin and a lot more. In fixing, it provides the swiftest, most reliable, and the most lucrative options in PS3 Help repair. However try more to get more information regarding Play Station3 Light Fix, since you can get from what you learn and will enable you to have the right alternative of finding what is best for you.